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There are many more children’s picture books in the pipeline:

These can be purchased  in several local outlets (The Smithy, Grassington) as well as on line here.

‘Murphy, The Donkey that couldn’t eeyore’, is now on sale. Murphy is a white mini-donkey  who lives with two others, Martha and Milly. While the others brayed from the moment they came to us, Murphy actually eeyored for the first time just three days after the first draft of this book was written. The story tells how Martha and Milly, with the help of all the other animals, helped Murphy to become what he called ‘a real donkey’. Click on the picture to read more and purchase


‘Connie the Robo-Cat’ was the first picture book to be published by Hartlington Press in September 2015. It is based on the story of one of our cats who lost her leg in a road accident and eventually went on line to find a prostheses to help her continue to be the fastest animal at Hart Farm.  In the first four months, 200 copies were sold to local people. Click on the picture to read more and purchase.